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Frequently asked questions:

How far in advance are you booked? 

I am currently fully booked until the end of 2019.

When will you reopen your diary for new bookings?

Diary announcements will always be posted over on my instagram - @geehawkestattoo

What are your prices?

Prices are discussed via email regarding individual designs as I tend to price per piece rather than on an hourly rate unless it is a day session. Rough price estimates can be found below though

£60 minimum charge

£100 an hour

£500 a day sitting

Where are you based?

Topboy Tattoo

37a George Street



What days do you work?

I work Tuesday - Friday

How can I contact you?

When books are open, all tattoo requests are taken through the booking form on the bookings page of this website.

Anything else, email only!

I do not check work related enquiries on any other platform.

What information needs to be included when emailing to book an appointment?

It will all be on the booking form once books open. 

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is £50 per person booking in - this deposit secures the booking, comes off the end price of the tattoo and is non refundable. The deposit must be paid before you can be put into the diary. Deposit are paid through to my paypal account - details to this will be given when it comes to booking.

Why didn't I get an appointment slot?

I try my best to get everyone in but there physically aren't enough hours in the day! I prioritise tattoo ideas and pieces that I think suit my style best.

Do you do cover ups/reworks?

Unfortunately I do not take on cover ups or reworks.

Do you use vegan ink?

All the brands of ink that I use do claim to be vegan.

When will designs be ready?

Designs are done ready for the appointment - any minor changes can be made on the day and any major changes to designs will mean the appointment will be rescheduled. Please take this into consideration when you book with me and only book if you are 100% set on your idea. I will not send designs over prior to the appointment, no exceptions.

Do you take card?

It is CASH ONLY in the studio.

Can I bring a friend/family member?

It is always preferred if you come on your own but yes, one person is allowed in with you if necessary.

Do you only tattoo 18+ or will you tattoo a 17 year old/younger with parental consent?

Strictly 18 years and over as the law states, no exceptions.

Can you tattoo over scar tissue?

Yes - the scar tissue must be at least 2 years old to tattoo over but otherwise, yes it can be done and I am more than happy to tattoo over scarring!

Can you tattoo over stretch marks?

Yes, not a problem at all.